Bundestag resolution

%000 %2020

Yesterday, the Bundestag extended the transitional period for estimating and measuring until 31 December 2021.

Amendment §104 paragraph 3 sentence 3 in the wording:
"With the amendments to § 104 (10) and (11) EEG 2021, the transitional period for the regulatory complex "measurement and estimation" in EEG apportionment accounting is extended again and for the last time by one year against the background of the Covid 19 pandemic and the fact that the publication of the guideline on measurement and estimation in EEG apportionment obligations could not be published in spring 2020 as planned."

To be found in the resolution on page 37, last paragraph.
Entry into force of the amendment to section 104 Page 55

Therefore, the legal requirements can be fulfilled with immediate effect for the third party quantity accrual with our new load profile meters CMD 68-55 MID and CMD68-105 MID.

Bundestag resolution
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