Product news – New products and changes in the 2024 catalogue

December 2023

UMD 97 / UMD 98 / MMD 98RCM: new processor
The new processor generation and the new USB-C connection make the devices even more powerful and modern. A sampling rate of 57.6 kHz, an accuracy class for current and voltage of 0.1, recording up to the 128th harmonic and communication via MQTT are now standard with PQ Plus. In addition to the standard value of 200 ms, this enables a faster update rate of the measured values of up to 40 ms. With these innovations, you are also ideally equipped for future higher requirements, e.g. from DIN EN 50160.

UMD 97 / UMD 98 / MMD 98RCM: Measuring range up to 1120 V
The renewal of the processor brings even more advantages. The higher accuracy, especially for the measuring voltage, means that no different variants are required for the different measuring ranges. From now on, every UMD 97 and UMD 98 can record voltages up to 1120 V and store them with high precision. This makes it possible to measure both 690 V and 800 V networks directly and without the use of expensive and large voltage transformers.

Innovation: UMD 911
Our new UMD 911 and UMD 911LB are now available. This is a high-precision front panel meter with dimensions of 144 x 144 mm, a sampling rate of 57.6 kHz and the detection of harmonics up to 9 kHz. With up to four communication interfaces, it can be connected to almost all higher-level systems and our compact measurement modules can be connected at the same time.

Innovation: UMD 703S
The UMD 703S is a cost-effective yet powerful energy measuring device that can also record important aspects of voltage quality such as harmonics. The device is equipped with a real-time clock and a serial RS485 interface and can therefore communicate with common Modbus systems. The current measurement is carried out 3-phase via small signal converters (333 mV secondary signal), which enables the compact dimensions with a width of only 3HP to be achieved.

UMD 98EVU replaces UMD 97EVU
Our popular UMD 97EVU is being replaced by the more modern UMD 98EVU. The numerous advantages of the UMD 98 now make the CAT IV version even more interesting. The devices now fulfil the requirements of IEC 61010-1 and are therefore ideally suited for use in CAT IV areas.

New product: MMD 913
With our MMD 913, we now also offer a mobile solution for class A power quality measurement in accordance with IEC 61000-4-30. With our tried-and-tested UMD 913, you get a power quality analyser that has been tried and tested over many years and is highly precise. This enables you to record and analyse harmonics up to 9 kHz as well as residual currents on the move.

New reactive power controllers: UMC 24 and UMC 27
Are you looking for cost-effective and powerful reactive power controllers for your compensation systems? Our two new controllers UMC 24 and UMC 27 offer both. Whether 9 or 18 control stages, with or without memory, with or without communication interfaces - we have the right variant in our portfolio. We can also supply you with the corresponding power capacitors, which can be used to create a complete power factor correction system.

The following products are not included in the range:
UMD 701, UMD 704, UMD 807, UMD 709, MMD 97, UMC 26

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