PFS - NH fuse-switch disconnector

The PFS NH fuse-switch disconnectors can be used flexibly. The strip can be conveniently rotated so that connection is possible both from below and from above. The strips are available in 1-pole or 3-pole switchable versions.

For our modular outgoing feeder measurement system, we offer a variant with 333 mV small signal converters and preparation for connection to our MMI current modules.

The transformers are already installed in the base of the strip. These are wired through to a connector on the back of the bar. From there, you can wire on to our modules or other measuring equipment with flexible leads in different lengths.

The strips are suitable for 400 V / 690 V operating voltage. With the transformer x / 1 A variant, you can directly measure 690 V nominal voltage in connection with our measuring devices with an extended measuring range.

When the switch cover is opened, it is disconnected in parallel. This enables easier switching to dual separation and increases the service life as well as safety for the operator. The voltage is measured on the contact blade of the NH fuse, which means
that you are not dependent on the handle lugs used.

The slotted feed angles ensure easy installation. In addition, the strips can optionally be mounted via contact hooks without drilling and regardless of the hole spacing, also with transformers.

A fuse monitoring system is offered as a further accessory. Via a connected measuring device with network connection, the switching status can also be communicated via the network interface just like all measured values. The switchgear thus
becomes an Industry 4.0 component.

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