MMB 700 – Modular measurement technology for the top-hat rail

MMB 700

The MMB 700 is a compact high-end power quality meter for DIN rail mounting. It measures up to 15 currents and 3 voltages in 4-quadrant operation in class 0.05 and thus the work in class 0.2s, as well as all common mains quantities, e.g. harmonics up to the 128th harmonic. The unit maps the power quality according to EN 50160, EN 61000-2-2, EN 61000-2-4, EN 61000-2-12 and measures in class A* according to EN 61000-4-30. It has a large 512 MB memory. The unit can be accessed via the Ethernet interface and live measured values can be viewed via the associated web server using a web browser. This means that Internet protocols such as NTP can also be read in and PLC systems and building management systems can be easily connected. A serial RS485 interface and a front USB port are also integrated.

With the firmware module GO, oscilloscope functions for current and voltage are activated and trigger signals for limit value events are set. With the software module PQ A*, the voltage quality is continuously recorded and evaluated according to DIN EN 50160. 3 current inputs are for 5 A current transformers and 12 further current channels for feeder measurements via the integrated MMI. The associated 333 mV transformers are conveniently connected with plug-in contacts. For feeder measurements in transformer stations or LVDCs, additional MMI 12 modules can be connected to the MMB 700 via RJ45 cable. Up to 12 currents can be measured on each of these modules. With a maximum of 5 modules connected to each other, up to 60 currents (e.g. 20 x 3-phase loads) can be measured. The current inputs are designed for our current transformers J3CT (3-phase
current transformer set) or the JC (1-phase cable transformer) with 333 mV and offer a connection via RJ12 plugs.

* with FW module PQ A


The unit is used for continuous monitoring of the voltage quality in data centres, buildings or at power supply companies. Furthermore, the MMB 700 is used for multi-channel feeder measurement.


  • Product Icon Inputs 3U, 15I
  • Product Icon Measurement U I P Q
  • Product Icon Pf Cos Thd
  • Product Icon Wh Varh
  • Product Icon Harmonics 128
  • Product Icon Sampling 28,8kHz
  • Product Icon Supply 24v
  • Product Icon NTP
  • Product Icon Inputs Pt 100
  • Product Icon Webserver
  • Product Icon Standards Class 0.2s IEC 62053-22
  • Product Icon Standards IEC 61557-12
  • Product Icon ETH
  • Product Icon Battery
  • Product Icon Flash 512MB
  • Product Icon RS485
  • Product Icon Modbus
  • Product Icon Current Input X 5a
  • Product Icon USB
  • Product Icon LOCAL BUS
  • Product-icon-cat-iv


  • Product Icon Standards Class A IEC 61000-4-30
  • Product Icon Firmware GO
  • Product Icon Firmware RCS
  • Product Icon Standards EN 50160
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