UMD 911 – Measurement technology for panel mounting

Product features

  • Measurement inputs: 3x voltage, 4x current, 2x RCM, 1x Pt100

  • Voltage measurement: up to 1120 V

  • Current measurement: 1 / 5 A

  • Harmonics: up to 9 kHz (180th harmonic)

  • Evaluation in accordance with EN 50160: Class S

  • Oscillogram recording: Free parametrisation of triggers and recording duration

  • Accuracy of current and voltage measurement: Class 0.1

  • Accuracy of active power / real energy: Class 0.2 / 0.2S

  • Accuracy of reactive power / real energy: Class 0.5 / 0.5S

  • Communication interfaces: Ethernet, RS485, local bus, front USB

  • Communication protocols: e.g., Modbus, MQTT, IEC 60870-5-104

  • Connection of slave devices: Storage, mapping. and display of slave data

  • Measurement category: CAT IV / 300 V

  • Scanning: 57.6 kHz

  • Sampling rate of measured values: up to 40 ms

Areas of application

  • CAT IV environment

  • Local network station

  • Transfer station

  • Building automation

  • Industry


  • Product Icon Inputs 3U, 4I
  • Product Icon Measurement U I P Q
  • Product Icon Pf Cos Thd
  • Product Icon Wh Varh
  • Product Icon Harmonics 128
  • Product-icon-sampling-57-6-khz
  • Product Icon Flash 512MB
  • Product Icon USB
  • Product Icon Standards IEC 61557-12
  • Product Icon Standards Class 0.2s IEC 62053-22
  • Product Icon Modbus
  • Product Icon Webserver
  • Product Icon NTP
  • Product Icon ETH
  • Product-icon-mqtt


  • Product Icon Standards class S IEC 61000-4-30
  • Product Icon Standards EN 50160
  • Product Icon Firmware GO
  • Product Icon Inputs RCM
  • Product Icon Current Input X 5a
  • Product Icon Inputs Pt 100
  • Product Icon Firmware RCS
  • Product Icon LOCAL BUS
  • Product Icon Inputs/Outputs 1x Digi
  • Product Icon Current Input 333mV
  • Product-icon-firmware-iec104
  • Product Icon Supply 12v 24v 230v
  • Product Icon RS485
  • Product Icon Supraharmonics 2kHz ... 9kHz
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