UMD 913 – Measurement technology for panel mounting

UMD 913 power quality measuring systems with integrated disturbance recorder for professional network analysis.

The UMD 913 is a powerful, multifunctional, high-precision measuring instrument for panel mounting. It measures 4-phase current and voltage in 4-quadrant operation, in class 0.05 and thus the work in class 0.2s. No matter what processes take place in power systems, the UMD 913 power analysers register even the smallest disturbances or changes. All parameters of the electrical power supply are recorded seamlessly and precisely. Detailed quality evaluations make even the smallest deviations visible and provide information about the cause of the disturbances. The exact time synchronisation of the measurement systems by means of GPS or NTP enables the merging of measurement data for a comprehensive monitoring of the entire supply network. For the analysis and documentation of the network quality according to self-defined or international standards such as EN 50160, EN 61000-2-2, EN 61000-2-4 or EN 61000-2-12, the UMD 913 permanently records all network parameters in class A according to EN 61000-4-30. High storage capacities and effective compression methods allow long-term recordings of up to several years. In addition to the continuous recording of all quantities relevant to the power quality, the integrated disturbance recorder module allows the event-triggered recording of transient processes with sampling rates of up to 28.8 kHz. It can be used individually or as a comprehensive network at the key points of all voltage levels. The measured values are monitored comprehensively, seamlessly and fully automatically.

Reliable operation even under extreme conditions

All analogue and binary inputs and outputs as well as all interfaces are galvanically isolated and guarantee the highest level of safety with regard to occupational and personal safety. A guarantee for trouble-free operation, even under extreme conditions, is the excellent immunity to electromagnetic interference.

Analogue inputs

The UMD 913G is additionally equipped with 2 analogue inputs and a PT100 input. The residual currents can also be monitored via 2 RCM inputs.

Analogue outputs

The UMD 913G also has 2 analogue outputs.


  • Product Icon Inputs 4U 4I
  • Product Icon Measurement U I P Q
  • Product Icon Pf Cos Thd
  • Product Icon Wh Varh
  • Product Icon Harmonics 128
  • Product Icon Inputs RCM
  • Product Icon ETH
  • Product Icon Battery
  • Product Icon Flash 512MB
  • Product Icon Standards Class A IEC 61000-4-30
  • Product Icon Standards Class 0.2s IEC 62053-22
  • Product Icon Standards IEC 61557-12
  • Product Icon Standards EN 50160
  • Product Icon Current Input X 5a
  • Product Icon RS485
  • Product Icon Supply 230v
  • Product Icon Webserver
  • Product Icon NTP
  • Product Icon Inputs / Outputs 4x Digi
  • Product Icon USB
  • Product Icon Firmware GO


  • Product Icon Outputs 4x Relay
  • Product Icon 2x Outputs 0÷10V 0/4÷20mA
  • Product Icon 2x Inputs 0/4÷20mA
  • Product Icon Inputs Pt 100
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