GO (General Oscillogram)

Module for the acquisition and precise recording of various signal distortions and transient events. This module records the so-called oscillograms of of voltages and currents with extended detail (up to 288 per period) and trigger options in high resolution in memory. Stored data can be processed in ENVIS or or exported to .xls or .csv files for processing in any third-party app. any third party app. ENVIS not only allows calculates not only the rms value of current and voltage, but also harmonics, THDs and other values. The averaging of the calculated data can be configured from 1 period.

Compatible hardware components

UMD 97 / MMD 97 / UMD 98 / MMD 98 / UMD 807 / UMD 913 / MMB 700 / UMD 705 / UMD 707 / UMD 709 / UMD 710 / UMC 26ME

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