UDP Push

The UDP Push (UP module) transmits a defined interval of values of selected variables via the ethernet interface of the of the unit to a specified server. The data receiver can be a normal built-in door unit with a display on the on the cabinet door to display the current values, as well as a publicly accessible dedicated server. The UP module uses a simple open communication protocol protocol via UDP and does not require any incoming data (queries) to data (queries) on the server side to transmit data.

The UP module also activates user-defined functions for reading out archive values via Modbus RTU or TCP on selected units with internal memory.

Compatible hardware components

UMD 97E / UMD 97EL / UMD 97EVU / UMD 98 / MMD 98 / UMD 807 / UMD 913 / MMB 700 / UMD 705E / UMD 707 / UMD 709 / UMD 710

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