MMD 97 – Mobile PQ meter

MMD 97

The mobile measuring case MMD 97 records all voltage quality parameters and logs these data as single-phase or three-phase measurement in the low-voltage network (230/400 VAC) in distribution networks in transformer stations, switchgears, and as direct consumption measurement on machines and in buildings. The heart of the unit is a built-in UMD 97EL in an IP65 plastic housing.

With the PQ S and GO firmware modules, the unit maps all voltage quality functions according to EN 50160.


The case is used for mobile power quality measurement or for comparison measurements of existing measurement technology.

Current transformer

The measuring case is equipped with voltage inputs 333 mV. This allows the direct connection of flexible Rogowski coils of the type MMD Flex Set.


Magnetic measuring adapter. 4-piece set for voltage tapping. Consisting of 1x blue test probe and 3x red test probes.


  • Product Icon Inputs 3u 4i
  • Product Icon Measurement U I P Q
  • Product Icon Pf Cos Thd
  • Product Icon Wh Varh
  • Product Icon Harmonics 50
  • Product Icon Webserver
  • Product Icon Current Input 333mV
  • Product Icon Standards class S IEC 61000-4-30
  • Product Icon Sampling 25,6 kHz
  • Product Icon Flash 512MB
  • Product Icon USB
  • Product Icon Standards IEC 61557-12
  • Product Icon NTP
  • Product Icon ETH
  • Product Icon IP 65
  • Product Icon Standards EN 50160


  • Product Icon Firmware RCS

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