JS – Divisible universal current transformer (Hall effect)

The Hall sensors (H-series) type JS10NH / JS16NH / JS24NH / SH / JS36SH consist of laminated hinged cores with an integrated Hall measurement in the form of an open circuit. Due to the minimised tolerance in the separation area, the sensors are insensitive to vibration and shock even at low currents. The flip-up mechanism allows easy mounting for fast, safe and uninterrupted detection of currents with almost any curve shape. The measuring ranges with rated currents from 50 A to 500 A are designed for accuracy class 1.0. The EN61010-1 standard is fulfilled.

The transformers are specially designed for measuring DC currents. They are very precise and are ideally suited for use with the UMD 701DC or UMD 707DC.


  • Opening / closing with one handle
  • DC and broadband AC current measurement Notes
  • The offset values depend on the previously occurred overcurrent (core hysteresis)
  • Due to the possible offset fluctuations, the smallest detectable measured value is defined as 5 % of the nominal value
  • Cable length 35 cm (extension on request)
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