KBR – Cable conversion current transformer

With its separable measuring core, the KBR series cable transformer enables retrofitting of existing systems. The KBR covers rated currents secondary in 5 A and 1 A and rated currents primary from 50 A to 1000 A. The accuracy classes are 1 and 3.

For installation, the locking mechanism of the transformer is opened, the transformer is placed around the primary conductor and audibly engaged again. After connecting the secondary leads, the measuring assembly is immediately ready for operation.

  • Cable transformers are mainly used for retrofitting in order to avoid disconnecting the primary conductors.
  • Due to its dimensions and easy handling, the compact cable conversion transducer KBR is particularly suitable for use in places that are difficult to access or where space is limited.
  • Thanks to the "click" system in conjunction with the fixing clamps, even "one-handed" assembly is possible.
  • As standard, the secondary 1 A version is delivered with a 2.5 m connection cable (colour-coded; S1 = brown; S2 = blue). The secondary 5 A version is delivered with a 0.5 m connection cable.
  • Other cable lengths are available on request.
  • For use as a current sensor, the KBR is optionally available with 0÷333 mV voltage output (min. load resistance ≥ 1 kΩ).
  • The KBR 32 and KBR 44 are also available as transducers with a 4 ÷ 20 mA DC measurement output.
  • Working temperature range: -5 °C < T < +50 °C
  • Storage temperature range: -25 °C < T < +70 °C
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