CMD 68-MID – Energy meter

The CMD 68-MID is a modern energy meter for DIN rail mounting and determines active and reactive energy as well as other electrical measured values (U/I/P).


  • measures 3-phase current and voltage in 4-quadrant operation and thus work in class B
  • available as direct measurement or primary-side connection with N/1 and 5 A
  • MID conformity
  • Calibration validity: 8 years
  • Communication: S0, M-Bus or Modbus
  • Use in 230 / 400 V networks
  • Illuminated, large and easy-to-read digital display
  • Convenient operation via function keys
  • Secondary counter
  • Ethernet interface available


X/1//5 A, 45 A or 100 A, MID, 4 TE Electronic three-phase transformer meter: - Top-hat rail mounting according to DIN EN 50022 - Active and reactive energy metering - Measurement of supply and draw (2 energy directions) - Energy metering in two tariffs, controllable from outside - Resettable energy register - Display of energy quality characteristics (current, voltage and power per phase) - Transformer ratio can be set once (MID) - LCD; 6.2 digits with backlight - Declaration of conformity according to MID, suitable for billing purposes - S0 - Pulse outputs for both energy directions, pulse rate adjustable via software - Sturdy plastic housing, only 4 HP wide - Can be mounted in any position - Approved for two-wire and four-wire networks - M-Bus or Modbus interface optionally available


The device is used for consumption measurement in LVDCs and sub-distribution boards for ISO 50001. It can also be used for sub-billing according to MID. Via the interfaces, it can be used in control systems for cost centre billing and integrated into energy management systems.

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