UMD 707RCM – Measurement technology for the top-hat rail


The UMD 707RCM is a compact high-end residual current meter for DIN rail mounting. It measures 5-channel residual currents (type A) and the voltage quality (harmonics up to the 128th harmonic; voltage dips 40 μsec).

The measurement is carried out via the RCM-CT residual current transformers. The unit has a large 512 MB memory. The unit can be accessed via the Ethernet interface and live measurements can be made via the Live measured values can be viewed via the web browser using the associated web server. This means that internet protocols such as NTP can also be read in.

PLC systems and building management systems can be easily connected via Modbus TCP. Digital inputs/outputs and a serial RS485 interface are integrated. With the firmware module GO, oscilloscope functions for voltage are activated and trigger signals for limit value events are set. A PT100 input is also available.


The unit is used for measuring residual currents in feeders/sub-distributions. This allows continuous monitoring to be set up in accordance with VDE 0105-100/A1, thus eliminating the need to measure insulation resistance in accordance with DGUV V3.


  • Product Icon Inputs 3U, 5I
  • Product Icon Harmonics 128
  • Product Icon Sampling 28,8kHz
  • Product Icon Supply 230v
  • Product Icon USB
  • Product Icon ETH
  • Product Icon NTP
  • Product Icon Inputs Pt 100
  • Product Icon Inputs / Outputs 4x Digi
  • Product Icon Inputs RCM
  • Product Icon Webserver
  • Product Icon Battery
  • Product Icon Flash 512MB
  • Product Icon RS485
  • Product Icon Modbus


  • Product Icon Standards class S IEC 61000-4-30
  • Product Icon Firmware GO
  • Product Icon Supraharmonics 2kHz ... 9kHz
  • Product Icon Firmware RCS
  • Product Icon Standards EN 50160
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