Drivers for UMD measurement technology

Connection of UMD measuring devices to S7 and S7-compatible controllers

To avoid unnecessary Profinet/ Profibus connections, the universal drivers of the "Simatic Drive" type enable direct connection of the UMD measuring devices to your automation system via Ethernet with Modbus TCP. These interfaces are available on the PLCs as standard.

Since no control-relevant real-time data is usually generated with the UMD measuring devices, conventional communication is sufficient. This means that expensive add-ons can be dispensed with. The data are entered directly into data blocks.

The Modbus TCP interface of the UMD Ethernet measuring devices (UMD 96, UMD 97, UMD 807....) maps all process data as floating point numbers (32 or 64 bits) in input registers in pairs or in groups of 4. The configuration data are mapped into holding registers.

  • Simatic Drive serves as a Modbus-TCP client driver module and uses the system modules for sending and receiving via TCP/IP and remains unchanged.
  • Connection ID number, account number (UID), Modbus command (function code 1, 2, 3, 4, 6, 15 or 16) and user data pointer are transferred as parameters.
  • All local variables of the "Simatic Drive" communication driver module as well as send and receive data are located in the associated instance data module.

Your advantages:
No unnecessary capacities are used on your PLC, thus preventing inertia of your control system. Fast connection through the Ethernet interface, no unnecessary accessories such as Profibus plugs or Profibus cables. Direct access to the measuring device (integrated web server). High cost savings and flexible use.

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